Oswald x Stussy @ TOKYO

im going to grab this in tokyo next week. finally my turn for vacation !!!!

Nike x Stussy

recent purchase……the first time i saw this pair of “NIKE x STUSSY” …i knew i must get it ! this pair of blazer is super nice of the snake swoosh and also the top 3 holes with “stussy blue”….. the “NIKE” stussy front writing at the back is the signature of this pair…

Boneyards x NIKE Terminator

went to Boneyards as they have the last week in Vancouver (globally too) and picked up the latest, last collaboration by Stussy & Neighbourhood, (with some discounts too !)

Boneyards @ Vancouver

visited Boneyards today, they got some really nice jeans, and shirts in today…. Vancouver doesnt have much going on (most of the time) today is their last launch (Group 3)… thanks Ami for serving us along! Boneyards has been a great success, with street brand STUSSY and high end fashion japanese brand Neighbourhood, collaboration producing … Continue reading