WRONGWROKS feat. 生活好型 x 黃子佼 TW magazine


remember the last collab we did with sQUAD ? that was 2010…..the japanese logo caps and the heart beat caps…..it become one of the best seller….and also 2011’s leopard shoes ? last year’s leopard cap? Collab with squad has became an event happens every year ! the caps are adjustable , even the baseball cap … Continue reading

小隻的 x WRONGWROKS @ 陳冠希(Edison Chen) ‘s JUICE TAIPEI

小隻的 x WRONGWROKS Tee is selling FIRST @ 陳冠希(Edison Chen) ‘s JUICE TAIPEI. …. historic moment ! Each is selling for just $919 NT (about 32.00 CDN) as their launched debut is 9.19 (sept 19, 2011) to purchase this tee only available at JUICE TAIPEI (taiwan) , Beijing WRONGWROKS STORE, Vancouver SUPERBORED front view. downstairs … Continue reading


longest time i didn’t go to Taipei…..i really don’t want to come without a reason….but here we go….we got some reasons…. SQUAD x WRONGWROKS collabo mesh cap, sorry its all gone in 2 days. very nice store , just opened ! the master behind SQUAD / MICROHIGH – Mr. BigHead ! Squad head office, sorry … Continue reading

Summer is here . Dudu is back !

summer is (finally) here , so dudu is (finally) back ! hahaha…. its on webstore now !  

娛樂百分百 / Dance Flow

time to have some fun…(sorry no pics during the show, well u know what is gona look like) obviously, lots of food from outside hahahahahaha…. check out the episode with WONDER GIRLS (i heard in 1-2 weeks?) i didn’t plan to met them in person and actually i didn’t even notice until the staff tell … Continue reading

SQUAD – King of Mesh Cap Taiwan

i also visited SQUAD ‘s office, SQUAD is the pioneer of making mesh cap, the one who improved and trun mesh cap into a really “hype” item. SQUAD‘s boss and creative director, BIG HEAD introducing each caps to me for the detailness and uniqueness, and also different ways to make the caps… because we are … Continue reading


Party time, PHANTACI x NIKE release party at LUXY ! Ric, the director of PHANTACI, the man behind the brand ! and of course, i got mine too (without lining up) hahaha….come with original acrylic pink box very nice ! ha ! im glad i can get a pair, the line up is huge man … Continue reading


loads of exciting projects coming up…… stay tuned.

Taiwan Typhoon : 莫拉克

shit happens. we can’t control it, especially natural disaster… it happens. sometimes i think instead of blaming anyone or anything, we should just pray for the best. bad news, people crying, screaming, dying numbers, reports… really hurts when i saw it…. because i really love Taiwan.