more photos with people in Taiwan

ASKA @ SHADOWGRAPH, we will doing whole bunch of cut and sew with them , nono, not wait until fall, in few weeks ! =) visited OUTERSPACE store, the original flagship always sooooo busy, before they opening another 3 stores TOGETHER on the August 1st. (IS THAT NONSENSE!?!) lets check this out Tofu box , … Continue reading


for those who are trying to get ahold of me in TTF, here it is, i have 3 autograph session and times and locations as the photos…hope to see you soon. i will be in the ADFUNTURE BOOTH @ B40,41 in those 2 timing… and on the STAGE with MASTER Q !

Taipei Toy Festival 2009

this year we have this in another locations… SUPER HOT…(i mean the weather literally) huge signature board outside for autograph session.. im with MASTER Q on the stage on saturday 2-2:50 Joe @ FEVER / OUTERSPACE setting up the booth.. STAY REAL …. YAYA & YOYO huge box for the life size SR figure mini … Continue reading

The Line Up

so I mentioned the 2 guys lined up from 12:30….here is the line up about 2:00 more people…. STANLEY from Yahoo Taiwan came visit me and bought the new book home! Thanks Stanley for liking my stuff all the time and blog about it to the peeps! the autograph section started and they seemed happy.. … Continue reading

more highlights

this time we sharing the booth with Michael @ BAXBEAR & Also Camilla Derrico.. Toy Show’s image girl likes Dorabob tees… these 2 are big fans of the new book and the special tee, they are the one who start the line up que from 1230…(the autograph section will not start until 3:00 pm) !


so this year i only have the book releasing in the “toy” show….(i aint selling no toys..haha) so they are my sales-man…..thankyou very much… people are start filled up the window display for photos….. “This is a photo opportunity”

Sweeth / TTF Preview

have dinner with sweeth…tmr is TTF! another crazy year! Kenny from MOLLY SERIES signed me this… and also the very lovely Be@rbrick for the TTF special edition…. cu there tomorrow!

flying again…

see you guys in Taiwan then!