UU : UNDERCOVER for Uniqlo

i hv seen the collection…… i like the arts better….. lets hope the 2nd wave get better……=(  


Awesome video, awesome concept.

Undercover x Coke zero

both my favorite…. i will share when i hv this in my hand later… iphone4… denim…..

Recent New Toys

recent toys that i bought during the trip to ASIA, shot with my recent toys GF-1 with the Elmarit 28mm lens combo…(with the Elefoto Japanese Mount) O….this is the HF x Disney , the black flocking winnie the pooh… Fragment’s logo at the back… top view….(see how sharp it is, check out the flocking hairy … Continue reading


recently really like bape’s new shoes, although the last one i bought from bape is 2007 ? this NOWHERE exclusive collaborated with UNDERCOVER is sooo dope, but what, 700USD Ghostbuster series is FRESH, this one is cool but i have bought too much shoes recently, i can’t buy anymore! (i have like 20 pairs unwear…)

Nikki Hsieh

had dinner with Nikki Hsieh @ Undercover she never been this noodle place inside UC and she really likes it… we have done some shooting in here… me and nikki and then we went to GREYONE ARSENAL they have this exhibition with YONE….Nikki is in the YONE’s exhibit too !

Tokyo 3.0

no, i didn’t do it ! LOL, its a billboard….come on, im going japan and all i upload (see) is food and shopping ? if thas the truth i must be lying, i saw some girls……billboard too… Taxi has become the only transporation when we go around in Tokyo…. nice view from Yoyogi… fresh grapes… … Continue reading

Noodles @ UnderCover / Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

today have lunch at UNDERCOVER… this UC store has a mini resturant inside and is famed for their noodles… very good atmosphere… here we go… it is really good, now im regret i only had once…. this is the noodles produced exclusively by 鼎泰豐 for UC Taipei each combo comes with a special drink, this … Continue reading