Khalil Fong Vancouver Concert / ORANGE MOON

so finally, Khalil on the stage for all of us…just himself with his quitar….nothing fancy, no crazy set up or lighting, just his Soul & Music. 3 band members with Khalil (sorry i don’t know what to say coz i was really concentrated during the show) the band came back ENCORE with our collaborate T-shirts … Continue reading

Khalil Fong 方大同 Live at VANCOUVER, 2009

My fav. asian singer Khalil 方大同 is coming to town in vancouver.. do you know ? the last time i saw Khalil was in Taipei (dec, 2008)  at 方大同【橙月 ORANGE MOON】誠品音樂會 it was SO packed that people have to come like 6 hours ahead to just get the best spot…. (not me ! haha) this … Continue reading