i have been a crazy “BAG” collector, i have over 100+ backs, tote, backpack, small, big, medium, travelling, shopping, working, up to may be 20 – 30 brands….all kind of bags and i have been loving VISVIM’s backpack esp the 20L version today a new HERSCHEL shipment arrived at SUPERBORED and one of my favorite … Continue reading

VISVIM – F.I.L Wanchai Store

the next time we visit VISVIM / F.I.L , gonna be in Wan chai…. =) the REAL visvim store…

微博行銷之香港 I.T , (the big prize from I.T)

read this from SIU O’s blog… 剛剛在微博上看到童鞋轉發香港 I.T的新鮮事: @ITHK:【#I.T#會員尊區送大禮】I.T會員尊區已推出一段時間,童鞋們對這個平台又有甚麼評價呢?①加@ITHK 為粉絲,②轉發本微博評論回答【我對I.T會員尊區之意見】並@ 三位好友就有機會獲得圖中的精美獎品喇!共計10名!活動1月26日截止,獲獎名單將於1月28日公布! 然後看看下圖的禮物名單,竟然有莫明的憤怒。Carhartt 的郵差包已經是大獎?Chocoolate Tee、5cm 襪和 b + ab 電話繩等等自家品牌的成本價值多少錢?不過我還是轉發了,卻不是為了獎品,非常得罪說一句, I.T 那麼大的公司,霸不了香港時裝版圖一半,也霸了大半條百德新街,還有分佈在又一城、新港中心、 The One 和 APM 等不同名字但相同老闆的大小店,一如時裝界的百佳超市,幹嗎出手怎麼這樣低?圖中的獎品倒像剩餘物資。 微博行銷什麼時候變得這麼廉價?要作粉絲,要轉發,要再 @ 三位朋友?我不是怪公關,只怪負責獎品發辦的人。有些事情明明是生意,但不能以一句小小心意作掩飾的,誠意歸誠意,豉油也未免太少,點夠點雞? Agree, SUPERBORED offered better prize !! COME ON I.T !! put some VISVIM SHOES, BACKPACK,BAPE HOODY, NEIGHBORHOOD JACKET AT LEAST !! how much it cost u … Continue reading


Bape X Undercover Bape skull sta the only map you can see this crazy directory is the AYOYAMA metro station . . . all star… my last folk has been my all time “walkable” to Hong Kong, LA, Taipei, Tokyo….time to have another one, coz its been ruined out ! (you know these days its … Continue reading

Visvim wallet

recently I rarely saw stuff that I like….. and then i saw this…. PURPLE, i love PURPLE lots these days……. expect PURPLE stuff lots in our next collection…. =) O, by the way, i picked up this PUple visvim wallet @ F.I.L 2 days ago..


FINALLY, i wonder why post office been really slow lately….. my 2nd pair… been looking for this for awhile…i just love white shoes plus the triangles around it… ! ! ! (just wanna shared some more photos…) FBT


today received a parcel from Japan… what is in this all white solid box ? Foley-Folk (Isetan Sp. Edition) i have been expecting this pair for quite a long time… this special ISETAN edition comes with white and Silver… really thanks mr. J for getting me this….!

Murakami x Visvim x HF

recently heard 3 of my fav. artist/designers have came together for collaborating some nice gears, well with Hiroshi Fujiwara, Vivism and Takashi Murakami altogether came up with Visvim kicks with HF’s bonding and Murakami’s graphics… its just too good to wear it out…

Original Fake x Visvim Backpack

went to check out the new JUICE STORE by edc…and picked up the new VISVIM x Original Fake backpack, this backpack i will say is the best i have ever seen and the most expensive backpack i have ever bought….! Visvim‘s detailness & excellent exceution + KAWS‘s genius design = WORD!


we are in a very competitive industry, and if i still promoting other brands in my own blog, that means its really the top, the best and its definetely my fav…. pick up the newest Visvim kicks at ISETAN yesteday it looks like VANS, it looks like Dior Homme, it looks like everything but it … Continue reading