WRONGWROKS Chinese Blog Online @ YAHOO Taiwan

our first ever Chinese blog is online now, check it out, we blog with YAHOO TAIWAN ! it will be same as our blog and all up to dated but translated into Chinese, check it out now!


so because Yahoo TW! sneak peek our projects abit earlier so we have to kind of offically announced here! the EVERYONE STEALS project is a WRONGWROKS BOOK project that limited to 1000 copies of the book and in different cities in the world we have special box sets to celebrate this special book “EVERYONE STEALS”… … Continue reading

Red Heart @ Yahoo Taiwan!

our Red Heart tee is burning sooooo hot now,, its feat. in the front page of Yahoo Taiwan again…. cope yours now if you still haven’t get it, coz not much left in stock! check here for the story! (sorry its chinese again…)

Super-Nat @ Yahoo Taiwan

check out today’s YAHOO TAIWAN and you will see the SUPER-NAT shirt is THAT COOL~ thanks Sweeth from Summit for the info…