Our WRONGWROKS HK STORE Opening party….the day has finally come…… SHOPAHOLIC, the name representing the Hong Kong shoppers, and its another coincidence into our “10 letters” brand name ( WRONGWROKS , SUPERBORED, BRAGGARDEN…etc)

we have a few superstar guest at our party, the 1st one let me introduce SAMMY 森美 (903 DJ)

the one beside 森美 is KANDY 糖妹 (from new pop music group – 糖兄妹)

who’s 糖兄妹 ? Check out this video !

Jessica C. , of course our biggest fan and also most people coming for her hahaha….(check out her new hoody parka, our winter collection….)

close up to our newest hoody (releasing soon) and our 5th anniversary WRKS phone/key strap…

me and 糖兄妹 time to self snap…

who else on the guest list… CHET LAM ! 林一峰 ~

lots of photo snap time with all this superstars…..(nowhere you can find this cute and fun photos with them beside my blog !)

my buddy ARTHUR is here for our opening !

time to start the “ceremony”

more photos taken….all we do that day is taking photos and smile !

get ready !

one, 2….THREEE

and then you can see KANDY is playing the “Flower” as volley ball @_@”

pay attention to what “TELE” (糖兄妹’s guitarist, on the left) he is wearing the autumn WRKS plaid shirt series….

i bet everyone else is kinda bored watching us taking all these photos haha

more polaroids….

some 1st customers are shop-ping….

Chet finally sneak in and shops….

small shop, but lots of goodies!

Chet liked some “HUG ME ” action….

Chet is leaving ! with lots of goodies….

Jessica C. has bought a set of Peekaboos !!! BOOOOOOOOOO ! I told her its a gift for her but she intended to pay so bad ! THANKS JESSICA for the support !

and guessed what…before she left, she remember my birthday is coming and she greets me ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY !” (let me tell you i didn’t mention to anyone else there so nobody actually remember my birthday is coming up……my buddies look embarrass….)

more friends came to support from VANCOUVER ! WARREN & VANESSA !

you picked up your PEEKABOO yet? SHOPAHOLIC is the 1st shop to release this amazing toys….

more snappppp…look at KANDY , she is very cute and funny…yet Jessica is very charming…

SAMMY is acting “HANDSOME” with our new release T-shirt ! it will be online for a very limited quantities ! THANKS EVERYONE FOR COMING !!!

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