WRKS “Hands all over zipup hoody” feat. by LEO廖人帥 @ “OUTERSPACE”

and of course, not just dinner, leo is featuring one of our signature item this winter – HANDS ALL OVER ZIPUP HOODY ! it comes in mens and girls sizes…don’t worry…we know what you want ! you like it ? LEO DOES ! it will be availabe next week in all the store worldwide, and … Continue reading

Dinner with Leo 廖人帥 – CEO of “Outerspace”

HERE YOU GO ! this is LEO 廖人帥 ! The man behind one of the most popular streetwear brand – OUTERSPACE  after about 1 year of absense…..OUTERSPACE is back to SUPERBORED! and guess what ! Leo is inviting me to one of his fav. dinner place…THIS IS NOT “ALL YOU CAN EAT” style , its all … Continue reading

iPhone 5 Cases reveal iphone5 sizes

  watch it, and you get it. 4 more days !    

meeting STAYREAL @ STAYREAL CAFE (before its official launch)

STAY REAL CAFE ? did you hear about it ? the menu is HUGE …they got lots of thing in there, still in trial session…i was lucky enough to try few of them when i was in Taipei last week…. thas what cafe ususally got. chocolate theme like ROCKCOCO front door…classic HUGE CHOCOLATE not super … Continue reading

Marc Jacob is confirmed leaving LOUIS VUITTON

The rumor has come true. stay tuned for more news i guess…..its still not officially announced yet but everyone is talking about it online….

小隻的 x WRONGWROKS @ 陳冠希(Edison Chen) ‘s JUICE TAIPEI

小隻的 x WRONGWROKS Tee is selling FIRST @ 陳冠希(Edison Chen) ‘s JUICE TAIPEI. …. historic moment ! Each is selling for just $919 NT (about 32.00 CDN) as their launched debut is 9.19 (sept 19, 2011) to purchase this tee only available at JUICE TAIPEI (taiwan) , Beijing WRONGWROKS STORE, Vancouver SUPERBORED front view. downstairs … Continue reading


                              GQ’s press in Taiwan.


9.19 ! 史上最《小隻的》的台味萌系美少女x WRONGWROKS 團體初登場  繼一波又一波的美少女組合萌翻全亞洲後,資深媒體人黃子佼看準了這股偶像風潮,並決心打破露長腿、秀事業線即是美的迷思,跨行投資百萬當起經紀人,打造了史上最迷你的台味萌系美少女團體《小隻的》,由平均年齡21歲的3成員-分別是身高158公分的短短、萱萱與153公分的小小所組成。 平均身高156公分的她們,首發主打『Small Size BigBig Love』寫真書重金禮聘了藝術界獲獎無數,並參展《一克拉的夢想》的攝影師王建揚先生操刀,內容雖然強調著不搶宅男女神路線,不賣弄性感,但3位超萌系美少女依舊青春無敵的穿上了比基尼、水手服與羅麗塔女僕裝,展現了嬌小玲瓏的迷人魅力。 才甫出道即備受矚目的《小隻的》,不僅與加拿大潮流品牌WRONGWORKS聯名推出了限量50件的潮T,並在台北Juice限定販售,除此之外,日本公司更是積極與之越洋聯繫, 對此黃子佼自信的說:「未來《小隻的》將先以寫真書與網路影片模式在台灣登場,日本方面則以廣告為主,至於唱片目前已與陳建寧老師試音,在老師的建議之下,預計半年後將可推出唱片,請大家拭目以待囉。」。 《小隻的》 took these photos at the hotel….(not with me ~) GQ interview on the stage. to be honest…i was very nervous due to the numbers of reporters at the scene….. polaroid times. if you in Taiwan, you can get it in JUICE TAIPEI. me … Continue reading

Iphone 5 + Ipad3 – Oct4th

are you ready ? i mean TIM COOK , are you ready ? (we always ready for iphone5 when we just got the iphone4 !) but i miss STEVE JOBS !  


longest time i didn’t go to Taipei…..i really don’t want to come without a reason….but here we go….we got some reasons…. SQUAD x WRONGWROKS collabo mesh cap, sorry its all gone in 2 days. very nice store , just opened ! the master behind SQUAD / MICROHIGH – Mr. BigHead ! Squad head office, sorry … Continue reading