black rainbow store !!

Congrad to new store by BlackRainbow! (another spot to get wrongwroks!)


what? yes, another location in the global view. This stop at Netherland. the classic, the best selling and the newest collections as well….now you can cope them at WOEI. WOEI’s Address. WOEI – Patta’s et prêt-à-porter Hoogstraat 65a 3011 PH Rotterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)10 404 85 31 Maandag: 13.00 – 18.00 uur Dinsdag … Continue reading


very soon WRONGWROKS will be available in 3 locations across Netherland… stay tuned for all these coolest locations… no more shipping charges and you can choose and try them before buying anything you like… STAY TUNED !

Pulp Magazine – Belgium

Pulp, a art/fashion/culture magazines based in Belgium, (sorry no link for now coz they don’t have a website YET) our Obama Change Art Print has being selected as one of the “WISH LIST” item in the Xmas 2008, have fun ! if you STILL thinking grabbing this print, you should be quick coz not much … Continue reading

Streetwear Today Magazine

STREETWEAR TODAY MAGAZINE (international styles) , based in Germany, it comes out quarterly released mainly in Europe and some major cities around the world, this issue features the theme “Ouality over quanity”, cover with Eddie Cruz from Undefeated, Union & Stussy LA. WRONGWROKS has being choose as one of the feature brand on a full … Continue reading

Will you pay $407,000 for a graffiti wall?

well, someone just did it, BANKSY, the world’s up and coming, most expensive (well yet) , last year Sotheby’s auction house in London auctioned three Banksy works, reaching the highest ever price for a Banksy work at auction…. and now,this becomes another story. This British graffiti artist has just did something as usual, (well painted … Continue reading


WRG? what is WRG? its actually WHAT’s REALLY GOOD ? magazine from Quebec… Lesile is the chief editor & founder of WRG!? and he is in Vancouver now…we have a great talk about our coming up projects…Wish you have a safe trip Leslie!


im very glad to announced that im invited to join the BKRW family from now on! i will be writing my 3rd blog in this universe… LOL… for this FRANCE based online magazine and the retailer store BLACK RAINBOW check out my blog on BKRW! 


GRUS is one of the fashion magazine in NORWAY, and it WROKS!


WRKS in NORWAY! if you in Norway… its like the other side of the earth….check out UNDER, the store that sell coolese stuff in NORWAY…. they got WRKS! (Im serious)…