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AllRightsReserved X NAM X Twins X G.E.M X 周筆暢 @ HARBOUR CITY

My design buddy SK from hongkong recently has come together with visual team NAM from Japan and Habour City to create this AWESOME project…..check out the photo,….its NOT photoshop, everything is hang by fishline ! OMG YEAH ! IMMPOSSIBLE ! SAY BYE TO PHOTOSHOP! (FOR THIS PROJECT!) HA ! SK : 第三度為Chocolate Trail拍攝造型照,今年是AllRightsReserved X 日本視覺團隊NAM的Special … Continue reading

Saints Row: The Third

i heard the new GTA is gonna be this : Saints Row: The Third i bought it..i will try and share more, if u never heard this game like me, here is the trailer ! go get it !

周董33歲生日 2800萬超跑給狗仔追 (FUNNY)

hahahhahaa i think sometimes the paparazzi don’t have to go after him, it has become his game now ! (May be try not to follow him, he will loose interest of buying the racing cars…=P )


not many streetwear made Girls- N-3B jacket, and since we are really “unisex” brand , we have specially made a cut and sizing to fits most asian girls….modelled by MOKKA and she is wearing a girls Medium. enjoy the photos below, again this jacket is now available on ONLINE STORE.

WRONGWROKS 2012 N-3B FAUX FUR PARKA JACKET! 超新品 2012 年度禦寒最強 ﹣ N3B 軍外套

yes ! ONE AFTER ONE ! this time is the legendary N-3B Jacket ! WRONGWROKS N3B comes with 2 colors : army green and navy! Comes in guys and girls sizing too please refer to the sizing chart HERE. (or the photos below) It made with 100% nylon and insulated layer along the jacket with native … Continue reading

Japanese style breakfast !

been to Japan for more than half month and the road trip was crazy….i will share lots of photos later…..(after all the projects and new year product launching…) yesterday had this Japanese style breakfast and i feel very fortune to have a breakfast like this and especially this is home made ! =) Appreciate what … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS 3色法蘭絨格紋襯衫 feat. JASON & KANDY

This series we still have 2 of our rep. from Hong Kong modelling our new flannel shirts… cute !


nothing really special just our 3rd generation chino pants are available in all the retail locations and also our online store…come get it quick ! this time with flannel pattern and thicker pants (slightly) for this freezing winter ! WOW ! @wrongwroks 2012 年度新品推出 FLANNEL PLAID CHINO PANT 法蘭格紋黑色斜布褲 很好搭配的新上架單品之一!@WRONGWROKS 注目度 100﹪


Finally our flannel shirt is here with some really nice colorways that you don’t reallly see it in other brands….so yeah check it out ~ 3 color ways, its all online now. 3 種顏色的 法蘭絨格紋襯衫 女生版型 是長及臀部 可搭配緊身褲 特別顯瘦 小男生是合身的版型 搭砲CHINO PANT帥度一百分!今天上架@SUPERBORED ! 3 種顏色的 法蘭絨格紋襯衫 女生版型 是長及臀部 可搭配緊身褲 特別顯瘦 小男生是合身的版型 帥度一百分!今天上架@SUPERBORED !