Dr. Tron

so today i met a new friend, and his name is TRON! super nice guy check out his website and his blog, Eh Gazpacho & the art website… http://www.theaestheticpoetic.com/ local artist with lots of special taste, read his blogs and you will know TRON is a different guy in today’s world…INTERESTING! したがっ て、今日、iは新しい友達に会いました。また、彼の名前はTRONです!最高のよいガイ、彼のウェブサイトと彼のblogをチェックする、えっ、ガスパ チョ&芸術ウェブサイト…http://www.theaestheticpoetic.com/ ロットを持った地方の芸術家、特別のことの、味わう、彼のblogsとあなたを読む、TRONが今日の世界の異なるガイであることを知るだろう。.. … Continue reading

tees and hoodies…

so here is the final pics, its already in WRONGWROKS ONLINE STORE… and Subdivision in Gas town vancouver, also, this new tee and hoody section with our first ever Japanese content for japanese! like this! Thanks for Mihiko for the translation, 翻訳用のありがとうmihiko、非常に感謝! したがって、ここで最終写真である、その、既にWRONGWROKS ONLINE STORE の中で…そしてガス町 Vancouver の中の細別、さらに、この新しいティー、および japaneseのための私たちの初めての日本の内容を備えたハイイロガラス・セクション!これが好きにしてください! 翻訳用のありがとうmihiko、非常に感謝!

boring, but WROKS!

so here is the new hoodies and tees for this fall, this series belongs to the EXCLUSIVE series, you can see the premium quality and material and all that foil gold shit printed on it, very nice and excellent quality and the label and the tag are also with the BLACK label, so its only … Continue reading

Hello to Japan..

so here is a brief intro to the Japanese, and a start for the japanese website (partly) of WRONGWROKS.. WRONGWROKS プロフィールバンクーバーでアジア、生命および工場で生まれて、2005年10月以来 WRONGWROKS を始めてください。人々は、「イエス&Judaz」(Doraemonを疲労させるアディダス苦情、アメリカの偶像)と私を区別ができるかもしれ ません?―緩めるを備えたプロジェクトの全体の房を最近準備するkate苔…で、ltd。― 高島都市、日本からのNoiseKing。スナップ・ギャラリー、バンクーバーの中にすぐに別の展覧品を持っていること。その「euGALfomac」シ リーズを望むことは有能になります、に、秋の2006…の中で始められた。

hot shits

so this WRONGWROKSUB tee are super hot and nearly sold out, so anyone haven’t got it before it hits ebay later, better get yours officially from us now… or at SUBDIVISIONS, more collab between me and mr.A very soon… here is the shot i took before these guys sent out to everywhere in the world…

Sold out again

so they did it again , some hot sizes already sold out in japan’s reseller site, call foresight! yeah, its the kate moss tee, it seemed like its going to sold out ever since it launched anywhere…also, a site with japanese reading is coming soon due to lots of japanese shopper and visitor….DOMO!


so after the talk and have beenn a bit busy and keep meeting with MR. Anthony at subdivisoninc, we finally got this out and we have exclusive Kate moss in Orange edition only available in there and this new kate tee with title “Boring skull” also made the first appearance, later will be launched in … Continue reading


so, after the arrival in BELGIUM‘s ILOVEYOURT-SHIRT store. we are finally at France. check it out, ALMOST SIX is a very pop store which carrying lots of art prints, clothes, sneakers, and other access…now we are joining this France family, hello to France!! Bonjour!


so here the other day i met with MR.A at Subdivisions in gas town…and WRONGWROKS ‘s apparell will be starting sellin in there from this month, for the coming A/W collection and some hot stuff…we are going to have some exclusive color for kate moss prints and tees, and then its going to have some … Continue reading

Holy Karl!!

so here is a snap shot for the NOISEKING company in japan…yeah the website remind a myth but projects are still going so stay tuned..so here is one of the BADNEWS (front page of my web)’s series, it’s called HOLY KARL…it’s a series of 4 prints, 2 + 2 style, Holy Karl with Micky Maose … Continue reading