Comme des Garcons x COKE = Coke des Garcons?

is this real ? do you know ? it looks real but after the first wave of BAPE x CDG fake designs “sneak out”….im kinda doubt about all “sneak out ~” LOL

Yoshinoya x JAL airline ~

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced that some of the special flights will have the “Air Yoshinoya box”, where passengers on select international flights will be served Yoshinoya’s specialty beef-bowl. This is a special collaboration between JAL and Yoshinoya, which has the largest chain of beef-bowl restaurants in Japan. The campaign starts from 1 March and will last until 31 … Continue reading

AllRightsReserved X NAM X Twins X G.E.M X 周筆暢 @ HARBOUR CITY

My design buddy SK from hongkong recently has come together with visual team NAM from Japan and Habour City to create this AWESOME project…..check out the photo,….its NOT photoshop, everything is hang by fishline ! OMG YEAH ! IMMPOSSIBLE ! SAY BYE TO PHOTOSHOP! (FOR THIS PROJECT!) HA ! SK : 第三度為Chocolate Trail拍攝造型照,今年是AllRightsReserved X 日本視覺團隊NAM的Special … Continue reading

Japanese style breakfast !

been to Japan for more than half month and the road trip was crazy….i will share lots of photos later…..(after all the projects and new year product launching…) yesterday had this Japanese style breakfast and i feel very fortune to have a breakfast like this and especially this is home made ! =) Appreciate what … Continue reading

糖妹 Kandy & Japanese Food ~

back to hong kong last week for some business and meetings…..and finally KANDY got some time for me, we went for Japanese food again…its great meeting up again for like 3 hours chat and its always happy to meet up and gossippppppp =P more projects with KANDY in Hong Kong….stay tuned..December is a BIG month … Continue reading

Dinner with Leo 廖人帥 – CEO of “Outerspace”

HERE YOU GO ! this is LEO 廖人帥 ! The man behind one of the most popular streetwear brand – OUTERSPACE  after about 1 year of absense…..OUTERSPACE is back to SUPERBORED! and guess what ! Leo is inviting me to one of his fav. dinner place…THIS IS NOT “ALL YOU CAN EAT” style , its all … Continue reading

meeting STAYREAL @ STAYREAL CAFE (before its official launch)

STAY REAL CAFE ? did you hear about it ? the menu is HUGE …they got lots of thing in there, still in trial session…i was lucky enough to try few of them when i was in Taipei last week…. thas what cafe ususally got. chocolate theme like ROCKCOCO front door…classic HUGE CHOCOLATE not super … Continue reading

Milano Cafe (GOOD FOOT old location)

another cafe i have went this friday….the Milano Cafe ….(at the old GOODFOOT location) the old cashier becomes table for internet access ahhhaa….we miss GOOD FOOT… the shoe display now for coffee beans. i ordered the croissant melt…  

Salty Tongue

sorry i did go to nice places to have my brunch or dinner or whatever….but i forgot to share =P (sometimes i did in facebook….) a very nice cafe (actually we got LOADS of nice cafes opened in these 2 years…i got to try all of them…. remind me of CAFE in SOHO i like … Continue reading