Fragment x Nike x Supreme !

im getting this for sure ! 3 biggest brands’ collab…..another japan exclusive.. red / white the best  

Rugby Ralph Lauren Camo Bag Collection

why isn’t this releasing in the states or Vancouver ? !?! JAPAN ONLY ! OMG !


war is over.  new tees and art prints next week.


  nothing much needed to say, check it out, if you in vancouver, check it out our store now. if you from outside VANCOUVER, check online store SALE !    


one of the best selling mesh cap last year, we decided to bring it for the fans in richmond store again…. melting like chocolate, its soft flocking material view from the side is awesome…. don’t miss this chance again !

Adidas Original Gorilla animal sneakers!

hm…its cute too but i don’t look good on black shoes….  

糖兄妹 – 台北大作戰 VIDEO ~

糖兄妹 – 台北大作戰 !!! ARE U IN HONG KONG?    

Wanna make your own brand ? “民藝服興” NascoBranding : Your idea . We execute

民藝服興 源自”文藝復興”,把”文”變成”民”,意指”人民” 把”復”變成”服”,意指”服飾” “民藝服興”的宗旨,是希望透過我們做品牌的經驗、熱誠、人際關係,成就對於有興趣把自己創意的構思轉化成為品牌的人們。 藉由我們的製造商、設計師、人脈以及國際網路,將本地新興品牌經由設計到打進本地零售商,進而拓展到國際服裝產業。 NASCO BRANDING “Nasco”-Italian, verb., be born, be due; spring up, rise, arise, derive, originate, start up, come, grow, sprout, come up NASCO BRANDING is a creative team who helps local creative youths to execute their idea into a real fashion label. With our experienced design team and production houses, NASCO … Continue reading

Milano Cafe (GOOD FOOT old location)

another cafe i have went this friday….the Milano Cafe ….(at the old GOODFOOT location) the old cashier becomes table for internet access ahhhaa….we miss GOOD FOOT… the shoe display now for coffee beans. i ordered the croissant melt…  

Salty Tongue

sorry i did go to nice places to have my brunch or dinner or whatever….but i forgot to share =P (sometimes i did in facebook….) a very nice cafe (actually we got LOADS of nice cafes opened in these 2 years…i got to try all of them…. remind me of CAFE in SOHO i like … Continue reading