Chet Lam concert @ HK

our famed buddy CHET LAM is going to have a concert in Hong Kong, if you will be in HK, don’t forget to check that out!

WRKS @ BPM magazine, L.A

check out the newest art/pop culture magazine from Los Angeles, the BPM magazine, its based in LA and it talks about art/culture everywhere in north america and europe… why checking out? because it got us in it, featuring some shirts and caps from WRKS, enjoy!


my friend william visiting my studio today…

Nana Yoshi

my dog nana didn’t show up for awhile, she comes to say hi!

Leica case

the leica leather case i ordered awhile ago is here…super guys should shop in this web, the B&H photo, they have everything and very fast service, keep track everything and also very fair UPS shipping rate…2nd day air…check out the web here.. super nice quality just as good as the camera, you can’t beat … Continue reading

WRKS Spring08 – part 1

as you might already seen the preview, and here is the clear view… we got a new series call – “Plyaing Cards“, comes with the Flower Clubs & the Mushroom Spade… & a new guy call “DoraBob“….will be available by 2/5, next tuesday on WRONGWROKS online store…


suddenly snowing tonight… go pick up the newest 24herbs album,  its been like 5 years since the HK hiphop rap group LMF (2003), rapper Kit & Phat is still good as before, just pick up, new music, new group, RIGHT ON! 24Herbs! GO GOGO!

Maria Sharapova’s 1st Australian Open title!

Congrad to Maria! first Aus Open Title…


after a month (the longest time since 2007) didn’t release any kind of new project and items, we finally proudly announced the spring collection part 1 in a week or so… stay tuned, its a new collection, totally new graphics, new shirts….don’t sleep!