we will be releasing another style of sweatpants for this F/W collection, featuring a new script logotype on 5 color sweatpants, all made in vancouver. Available only in SUPERBORED RICHMOND STORE & ONLINE STORE (tomorrow 10/27) THANKS !

Wanna make your own brand ? “民藝服興” NascoBranding : Your idea . We execute

民藝服興 源自”文藝復興”,把”文”變成”民”,意指”人民” 把”復”變成”服”,意指”服飾” “民藝服興”的宗旨,是希望透過我們做品牌的經驗、熱誠、人際關係,成就對於有興趣把自己創意的構思轉化成為品牌的人們。 藉由我們的製造商、設計師、人脈以及國際網路,將本地新興品牌經由設計到打進本地零售商,進而拓展到國際服裝產業。 NASCO BRANDING “Nasco”-Italian, verb., be born, be due; spring up, rise, arise, derive, originate, start up, come, grow, sprout, come up NASCO BRANDING is a creative team who helps local creative youths to execute their idea into a real fashion label. With our experienced design team and production houses, NASCO … Continue reading


Big release, finally, sorry guys, preparing all this new stuff and new store in hk and in vancouver….thas where my time goes ! i apologize! enjoy the new stuff ! our grand opening tee, we got a limited run for the webstore…comes in brown circle… and red circle…. our brand new line “WRK5” zipup parka … Continue reading


=( too bad this year i cannot join the TTF….but im sure it s fun !! check out the video…our previous model KANG ni was there modelling for STAY REAL !  


WRONGWROKS x NANO UNIVERSE x ZOZO TOWN WRONGWROKS(ロングロックス)は他社ロゴやトレードマークを使った大胆なパロディーなどで独特なコレクションを展開するカナダ、バンクーバー発のブランド。 2007年にフランス、パリのセレクトショップ「コレット」で開催されたアート・エキシビジョンに参加し、一流アーティストの仲間入りを果たした“Tony Wong”のオリジナル・アパレルラインです。 2006年にはケイト・モスにアメリカのスーパーマーケット「ターゲット」のロゴでもある赤い照準マークをプリントし、 その上にスカルのプリントまで加えたブラック・ジョーク的なTシャツが話題に。 今回はなんと、日本国内nano・universe限定でその幻のTシャツが復活! ぜひこの機会をお見逃しなく。 ZOZO town has launched the new tee that we did with NANO UNIVERSE… so if you guys from Japan, you can get it in ZOZO TOWN NOW ! what is ZOZO TOWN ? they did a collabo store with BATHING APE, … Continue reading


some people emailed us saying why are we so quiet entering 2009….welll its always peaceful and quiet before the big things happen, remember? not even this one LOL, this just some mini projects we got, the WRKS designed Iphone 3G skin, will be available soon on the webstore ONLY, yes, this thing will not be … Continue reading

FILTER017 @ 士林

Xi Lin (士林) is a place away from the crowd, very comfy like Daikanyama in Tokyo… today meeting with Designer group FILTER017, very talented illustrator in Taipei their newest project – memo pad & business card set Ice coffee is the thing i loved to drink everytime i visit this wooden cafe in Xi Lin…

Obama Chanel prints

there is no signs of making one but doesnt mean we are not making one, we will launched 3 new Obama silkscreen prints on the 4th of Nov, the election day, featuring it on a famed perfumed that you know what it is… it comes in the original light yellow color in the bottle, and … Continue reading

Original Tee by AF1 x Jay Chou x WRKS

Look, this is the original tee we did with Jay Chou (PHANTACI) x AF1 25th Anniversary !


so because Yahoo TW! sneak peek our projects abit earlier so we have to kind of offically announced here! the EVERYONE STEALS project is a WRONGWROKS BOOK project that limited to 1000 copies of the book and in different cities in the world we have special box sets to celebrate this special book “EVERYONE STEALS”… … Continue reading