Breakfast Time!

what is better than… having a nice breakfast the 1st thing in the morning…? =)


featured in French popular t-shirt blog, EVERYONE STEALS selected today.


don’t know why all of a sudden Taiwan newspaper online showing some old stuff of ours….but its reported last week!


a group exhibition you don’t wanna miss in august. the biggest exhibit in Taiwan in August. Stay tuned, STAY REAL.

STAY REAL – 五月天’s 阿信 & NO2GOOD

wanna introduce a Taiwanese clothing brand call – STAY REAL a brand by 五月天 ‘s 阿信 (ah Shin) & NO2GOOD a very serious taiwanese brand i know so far, they made very serious clothing, nice fabric, nice details, serious packaging and materials, but at low prices. WRONGWROKS X STAY REAL, and KEA. Stay tuned.

Real Doraemon human beings

very funny. watch it.

4 New Tees

Yellow Dorabob Heart will be up on the 31st… as well as the 3 other tees…including WRKS x Camilla x BAXBEAR EVERYONE STEALS NAT IN TAIWAN – WRKS edition Nat on Tee

Mona Lisa on GREY

for the first time, we have Mona Lisa Ripped Off on Grey shirt, available 7. 31 stay tuned.

Carlotte Cynthia Walton @ El Kartel

Check out the new exhibit at El kartel, this new female artist from victoria island ! Her name is Carlotte Cynthia Walton. different kinds of paintings, various sizes and some huge die-cuts…very cool stuff from Cynthia.. a nice piece on Luke Ramsey, sorry, i already picked up this one…!

Interview @ Fairchild TV Vancouver

today had a long recording session at the FAIRCHILD TV studio in Richmond… the show will be on AIR in mid sept….stay tuned…