New Tees & Caps – 1/30

new tees new tees new tees…everyone email us about this….the nikkie W’s burger photo tee cannot do anything to fullfill you guys yet…so here you go, a totally new design with more fun and joy! the blooming bob ! Dorabob and Evilbob has create the bob series in WRONGWROKS. This year we are having lots … Continue reading

iphone case skin by WRONGWROKS

so we have launched some new iphone skin today, and some new hot stuff…what about this totally new design skin with BLOOMING BOB ? very nice designed , fit perfectly on iphone 3G,(many emails asking if it will fit on iphone 2G or ipod touch, ) we figure out this will fit on 2G but … Continue reading

Blooming Bob

blooming…spring is gonna be late but hey we will be blooming before that….our spring collection is just sick as usual, stay tuned and expected very cool and happy stuff !


so everytime i went to Tokyo i will pick up a pair of Visvim…this time i picked up the “hardest to match” FBT, it just look very special that normal gear will not go so well together if you didn’t really mix and match around u know, its not a pair of AIR FORCE one … Continue reading


so since the last collection, like the winter lots 2 weeks before xmas we launched , this mystery “MOSAIC” (now we called it MOSAIAPE) shirt is in the catalogue and photos, and since then we got loads of email about the launching date. here im telling you, tomorrow! be quick, this is not an on-going … Continue reading


so got few people sending us this image today, (well, without the word “FAKE”), its totally bazzard that this fake shit not even from our collection, so now the scum using anything to print on your shirt and just use your tags and labels selling online, what can we do? remember, in Taiwan, we only … Continue reading


some people emailed us saying why are we so quiet entering 2009….welll its always peaceful and quiet before the big things happen, remember? not even this one LOL, this just some mini projects we got, the WRKS designed Iphone 3G skin, will be available soon on the webstore ONLY, yes, this thing will not be … Continue reading


落馬洲青山公路23日早上發生致命車禍,一輛貨車失事打橫翻側,壓著一輛的士,的士上六人當場死亡。受輕傷的肇事貨車司機酒精測試超標近4倍,他涉嫌醉酒駕駛及危險駕駛導致他人死亡被捕… 曾蔭權到場後,有一名姓馮的死者家屬激動地向他控訴,指五名死亡的士乘客中有一個是他的侄兒,其他都是他的「手足」,現在五個家庭都失去經濟支柱。 該名家屬批評現行法例太寬鬆,要求政府修例,將醉酒駕駛的最高刑罰改為終身停牌,又指特首作為政府首長,「要做好呢份工」。他表示,人命己失去,即使有錢也沒有用,他更一度下跪,要求曾蔭權「比番個侄仔我」。 曾蔭權回應指,政府最近已修例,將醉酒駕駛的最多刑罰提高至監禁10年,政府定會公道地、嚴肅地處理今次事件。他同情及明白家屬的心情,承諾社署 會盡力幫助所有死者的家庭。 I think 曾蔭權 has already did more than he need to, we should really respect what he is doing and shouldn’t complain no more whatever happens, he is not GOD, right ? Don’t be too harsh on him, come on ! Look at him, look at his job, its not … Continue reading

Double Alley-Oop Dunk



check out this issue ‘s TOUCH magazine from Hong Kong… they got a OBAMA section featuring arts, tees around the world that really representing this “movement”…. our obama tee is one of them featured ! =)