newdesign magazine UK

so awhile ago, i got invited to do a special project for newdesign magazine UK… its called Trading place and so we got to do this trading thing, i got a brief from a tableware designer and i need to redo a set of tableware design for year 2050 so i just do some sketches … Continue reading


well as we all know about TOKION magazine….but there is a Japanese version you might not really know about it, it comes out few times a year and its a very good magazine.. with lots of new arts and design and interviews to read…(although its in japanese) but visually is very awesome…and in this issue … Continue reading


we have just join the LIFUL family, Liful is the biggest street wear store in south korea, they carry famous brands like supreme, bathing ape etc. and they have their own brand LIFUL WEAR… if you are from Korea, check out their store!


so the last supper special edition i have made for NOISEKING, is finally on the website for the japanese citizen…enjoy…


our limited edition at SUMMIT taiwan, we have made this xmas version of doracamon tee, in guys and girls size, total limited to 30 pieces. we just got the news that this tee has sold out in 2 hours after it put on the rack….check our page to see if we still have them….

Liful – South Korea

so today i want to introduce our friend LIFUL from South Korea, Liful is not an online store, they are a REAL retail store in South Korea, LIFUL is the biggest and most popular street wear/branding store in Korea. They carry Bathing Ape, Supreme and some other brands from NY, now they start carrying WRONGWROKS, … Continue reading


check this out, the up and rising Hip-Hop group FAMA (Clot group with Edison Chen) ‘s new music video – “456-wing”, at the end of the video, 6wing- the rapper was wearing the yellow soldout doraemon tee, so sick!


so this yopark project part 2 just launched yesterday in Hong Kong, and here is more photos from the place, hide or seek’s dora and kitty camo has become karaoke VIP room this time and look at that crazy wallpaper… and at the entrace of that place, its SOULOUT! SICK! Check out the pics here..

Julia at Coutorture!

our lovely julia from Coutorture,  just received our FUCKING EXCLUSIVE hoody…i hand made this special one with “julia” on the hood (look closer)… Julia is a very talent lady start COURTORTURE with her man, philip…and start this website fashion trend base in NewYork and reported the fashion show, check out her flickrs, and all kinds … Continue reading


so check this out, our stuff going real quick in SUMMIT taiwan, and then this xmas (next week) we are gonna launched something very hot…special edition ONLY in SUMMIT (Taiwan)…keep on track…