its old stuff but hey i just got this copy today from the ILOVEYOURTSHIRT crew, thanks David! Yes, finally you made it! thanks Hans from ILOVEYOURTV (All the way from Belgium!) who edited it…its an interview i did in COLETTE from the MY2007 exhibit last year, enjoy it

Mastermind Japan – Masaaki Homma on TIMES magazine

Recently Massaki Homma got interviewed by TIMES magazine and here i have uploaded the whole interview here and i think really worth reading, it actually meant something no matter you in fashion or art or nothing, it just worth reading it. “If given a thousand dollars, a young Japanese consumer wouldn’t spend it on a … Continue reading

Jordan 23

has been LOOOOONG time not picking up Jordan series… to be honest, you know what i mean, when you see every possible shoes that MJ…well Nike has made, its kinda blowing away, Jordan + airmax, Jordan runner, Jordan package, Jordan blah blah blah…its just too overwhelming , and i have seen collectors quit collecting since … Continue reading


the newest Grand Theft Auto is out in a month!

New label

  we will be using this new label for the summer collection…

Whass up?

so everything is up, YET….Dorabob light fleece for the Yet-coming-Spring…comes in Black/Salt & Pepper and Yellow… only available on our webstore and selected shops, not everywhere! This zipup is the best zipup we have done so far, the dorabob has over 30,000 stitches on it, with nicely made american apperl light fleece zipup from  L.A. … Continue reading

Snow Storm all of a sudden…

today suddenly have snow storm outside the studio….weird…..almost april huh!?

Scary Window Display

new GAP display….. no heads??

BANG magazine Feb08

its a bit late, i just got in the mail from SUMMIT Taiwan, cheers!

New Cap

the most popular mesh cap ever (from the volume of emails we have got from the peeps…), its coming out on tuesday, limited edition, it will be available online first and then hitting on selected retailers worldwide, but it will be shipped next week. Be quick, you guys should be happy because its very well … Continue reading