WRONGWROKS x OMQ 老夫子 Harlem pants ! 哈林褲!

  WRONGWROKS x OMQ 老夫子 Harlem pants ! 哈林褲!  Have you ever thought about wearing OMQ 老夫子 / 大番薯’s pants? we made it ! we have come together with 老夫子 again for collaborating this special pants from the comics —> into the contemporary harlem pants ! HOW COOL !? get yours here !          … Continue reading


WRONGWROKS have released the “i didn’t ” tee in 2011 and featured by MANDY in TAipei and then since then i have been seeing lots of fakes “ididn’t” tees, caps ?!??! , tank top, V-neck….. all of a sudden this tee has become a popular items in the fake market and obviously nobody know this … Continue reading