MAYDAY / Ah SHin / BEe Happy !

my friend AH SHIN (MAYDAY) has recently opened a new store in Taipei… its call BE(e) Happy, well BEE…beeeee…..the first month will be MAYDAY cd/souvenir store..and then will be the offical STAY REAL store (by Ah Shin & NO2GOOD) after that…. all their previous cds.. the new one, did you pick up yet? congrad to … Continue reading

K Chair

some huge package arrived at the studio yesterday… its something i ordered awhile ago when i was in Asia, this sofa call K-chair one seater…its all hand made in Japan…..very very nice…


today received a parcel from Japan… what is in this all white solid box ? Foley-Folk (Isetan Sp. Edition) i have been expecting this pair for quite a long time… this special ISETAN edition comes with white and Silver… really thanks mr. J for getting me this….!

ASAHI…hotpot night

tonight we have Alpha from Hong Kong visiting my studio and having hot-pot together…besides the piles of food that he bought, also this giant size ASAHI “can-bottle”… giant size….

Murakami x Visvim x HF

recently heard 3 of my fav. artist/designers have came together for collaborating some nice gears, well with Hiroshi Fujiwara, Vivism and Takashi Murakami altogether came up with Visvim kicks with HF’s bonding and Murakami’s graphics… its just too good to wear it out…

The End of Krispy Kreme in Hong Kong

Krispy Kreme in Hong Kong finally closed down due to the really really bad economic in there. total 7 stores around the island has closed and moved out. This is sad but its really expensive for “Honger” to pay 10-20.00 HKD for a “donuts”, when they can just pay 3.00 for a Chinese bun.

R.I.P OFF Exhibition Snaps

my first little mini exhibition just started yesterday in Japan… NOISEKING, our Japanese official art dealer allocated in Takamatsu City in Kagawa, is curating this mini exhibition for us in Liberty, a mini shop/gallery space, check it out if you are in Japan or around this area… got most of the remarkable work showed in … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate

its getting really cold this week, i guess WINTER is here….. a cup of hot chocolate is what i really want everyday ! =)

WRKS Tech. Wear Spec.

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we are launching this new series of wearable call WRKS TECH. WEAR producing the premium quality line with this special made snowboarding/skiing jacket with 10000mm-8000Hg waterproof breakthable shell 3layer taslan/microfleece fully seamsealed / waterproof zippers with waterproof right chest pocket, detachable hood and inner stormflap hidden mp3 pocket its perfect … Continue reading


picked up the newest issue of WALLPAPER (oct), they are doing this special issue with 3 different artist/designer, one of them is REI KAWAKUBO, the lady behind Comm de Garcons, pick it up if you see this…its very nice issue and lots worth to read along..