Enough Gangnam style ? NOT WITH HYUNA !

no more GANGNAM STYLE but …..this time feat. HYUNA…..lets loop it again with HYUNA ~~~~ TOOOOOOO HOT !

TOP 10 in 2011. (what’s up 2012?)

2012. Everyone is talking the END OF THE WORLD. To me, i don’t know and i think we cannot do much about it anyways, even if its now, what can you do? what can we do? can we stop it? NO ! We should not think about WHEN is the end of the world, we … Continue reading


not colonize, don’t worry BIG BANG FANS, but somehow there is lots of fake of WRONGWROKS made in Korea and selling on ebay. SO what is this time…lots of emails coming to my inbox regarding this EBAY FAKE WRONGWROKS t-shirts 1. Why is this cheap Ans : its fake 2. they got the same tag … Continue reading


we have just join the LIFUL family, Liful is the biggest street wear store in south korea, they carry famous brands like supreme, bathing ape etc. and they have their own brand LIFUL WEAR… if you are from Korea, check out their store!

Liful – South Korea

so today i want to introduce our friend LIFUL from South Korea, Liful is not an online store, they are a REAL retail store in South Korea, LIFUL is the biggest and most popular street wear/branding store in Korea. They carry Bathing Ape, Supreme and some other brands from NY, now they start carrying WRONGWROKS, … Continue reading