this spring, we bought you SUPER BORED, a brand new original flagship store of WRONGWROKS in Vancouver, Canada. this summer. a new experience, a new eating, drinking, bubble-tea-ing experience. SUPERBORED exclusive cuisine @ WELL TEA. Stay Tuned.


WW – WRONGWROKS – Cap, we have set an earlier date to release but we sold out in 2 hours in the store during the “supposed” first release 2-3 weeks ago, but now we back in stock…(we rarely made our own logo caps ) with the original BLACK on B/W mesh cap and exclusive 3M … Continue reading


link died sometimes,click here when i was in LA ‘s Bape store in april, i saw this music video playing in the store. im like….thas AISA 愛紗 ? how come she is featuring in a bape video and singing for the bathing ape ? anybody can tell me? thas COOL!

T-shirts Ranking 2008/2009

There is a site call “1T-shirt world” , its a site that from USA and they reported about new tees everyday from brands around the world…. check out their web……and they have a T-shirts ranking around the world ! This year, believe or not, im not too sure about the result but i don’t mind … Continue reading

POLKADOTS @ BEE mag. (Hong Kong)

its coming out soon  but its already selected and reported in Hong Kong fashion/Trendy magazine : BEE/MONDAY . Stay tuned for release date online and in store.

Do Do is Supebored

since the last photo tee is end of April….now we got another one for the SUPERBORED photo tee series, we have dodo back in the project ! its in store now and will be available on the next launch.


the red one is still crazy, since december, our zip has sold out, b/w mesh cap has been restocking the ? times..and now we will have GOLD wax stamp on b/w & all black mesh cap as well. Stay tuned for the mini wax stamp polo for unisex cuts this summer !


11:45 am , 5. 23. 09 people already gathering before we even OPENED the store, so we have to put up a sign and let them line up from somewhere… the tee started picking up from 1:00 so there is more people lining up around 12:30 more people… 12:55 pm, the peeps are ready to … Continue reading


so here you go, this is the other one i was talking about, from MR. yeah you might think “this is just normal comics, what a big deal”… go and google MR. its not really a big deal i just really like some of his simple drawings but with really fine little fantacies in the … Continue reading


Magic is crazy, its really out of anyone’s expectation, and when we have expectation on Leborn , he can be even craizer ! Finally, NBA final is worth watching since Michael Joran, since Rockets VS Magic !