Facebook TV commercial !?

Facebook , the things that connect us. Life is good with facbeook, no more strangers.


i had a roadtrip in may/june this year along the west coast and i don’t have time to blog anything until this moment @_@;;” anyways i want to write something about this long awaited “HOTEL” – “THE ACE HOTEL” we went to portland and i know i need to book this one coz it was … Continue reading

Dinner with Leo 廖人帥 – CEO of “Outerspace”

HERE YOU GO ! this is LEO 廖人帥 ! The man behind one of the most popular streetwear brand – OUTERSPACE  after about 1 year of absense…..OUTERSPACE is back to SUPERBORED! and guess what ! Leo is inviting me to one of his fav. dinner place…THIS IS NOT “ALL YOU CAN EAT” style , its all … Continue reading

糖妹 KANDY 1st day @ VANCOUVER !?

First day with Kandy in vancouver…what do we do ? sorry if you are overwhelming with Kandy in WRONGWROKS BLOG, coz she is a special gues with our concert hosted by our partner company – SUPERBORED ! Shopping at SAVE ON FOOD with GIANT BOX OF CHERRIOS ! CHEEEEEESEEEEE big big MARSCHMALLOWS….. like bread…. lunch … Continue reading

Beijing Here i come !

Beijing here i come again… rocking my X100, stunning photos, its just so smart in any situation and lighting responses….in seconds…! even toys ! speaking of good mandarin ? come on, thas the POWER of him !! i tried the subway 2 times in a day during rush hour, i think CAB is better for … Continue reading

Photos from X100

its even great looking with the hood and case…. details breakfast sunset late night Kowloon City for dinner at roof top…..show more photos later….

Blue Ocean festival @ shidome, Tokyo

i will let the pictures to do the talking, not much can talk over image like this, its stunning !

ADs in Tokyo

some ads i saw in Tokyo…. SMAP still alive?!! and this time for SOFTBANK cellular phone company…. as usual lots of billboards and advertising….this is my 5th or 6th new year eve spent in Tokyo….getting ready for the shopping and relaxing in Tokyo during the new year is just FUN this is the new PSP … Continue reading

New Year Eve 2011 . Tokyo Tower Count Down

This year’s new year eve, i spent it at the Tokyo Tower count down area ….1st time counting down with huge group crowd in Tokyo ! there is the helium ballon for the thousands and thousands of “count down crowd” haha Lots of people and everyone holding a helium ballon with written wishes (the green … Continue reading


one of the activities when we visited Taipei – Dinner with my  buddybuddy LEO 廖人帥 (OUTERSPACE/CIRCUS) and talked about plans and projects… almost every visit to Taipei….i will had at least ONE Thai food for dinner or lunch….yummmy….(why Thai food is so yummy in Taiwan ?!?) Last time SQUAD bought me to Thai resturant @ … Continue reading