We have never made anything below the belt….its always tees, zips, jackets…we finally made something for the bottom.. 100% cotton very nicely made sweatpants, all made in vancouver….with 2 hands on your butt (grabbing) and our names on the side below the pocket… how this gonna looks like on you ? Check this… we have … Continue reading


been very busy but still have nice eatings…. we cooked (well not me) Korea To-fu pot at home …….sooooo goodddd fried rice….wow! look ! WHO WANT TO EAT SO BAD !


our new store has been feat. in worldwide blogs and also local magazines, here is one from SATURDAY MAG. Vancouver…. Thanks to WaiLum taking the interview and also nice photos taken in the store ! check it out the whole interview (readable) here.

Interview @ Nerdbanite

Interviewed by NERDBANITE awhile ago, finally its up and please check it out their site for a FREE lucky bag, we like to give away, isn’t it ? (read the whole interview below…) (Try to make everyone happy in this bad econ period, cheer up!)

WRONGWROKS x STAYREAL Phone Strap / Chains

To celebrate the FIRST store of WRONGWROKS – “SUPER BORED” and STAY REAL’s “STAY REAL FLAGSHIP STORE” , we have came together with this special phone strap/ chain project.. 曾經和STAYREAL共同舉辦「REAL FAKE吠克藝術展」的加拿大潮流品牌WRONGWROKS, 首家旗艦店「SUPER BORED」於2009年3月,在溫哥華正式開幕!除了WRONGWROKS本家的作品外,也引進了STAYREAL的作品,共同打造潮流新力量。聯名紀念作-「STAYREAL X WRONGWROKS 1st store remembrance phone strap/chains 」同時推出了。 Designed by Tony (WRONGWROKS) & 阿信 AH SHIN ( 五月天 MAYDAY/ STAY REAL) & … Continue reading

Q-pot iphone case

my buddy Dennis came to VAN drop by and bought me this… something from Q-pot I love their iphone CASE ! their plastic bag…. CHOCOLATE ! like real ones…. but made for IPHONE 3G… =) Thanks buddy ! Hope you enjoy your stay in Vancouver ! BRO!

Canto Pop Finally

the canto pop that i have been listening to since last dec is the Khalil Fong 方大同 – Orange Moon… coz there is nothing really worth listening to in Canto Pop’s…. this week HIS album is finally hitting the scene after his last album “LISTEN TO EASON CHAN” … (which was like 15 months ago ?) … Continue reading

Wooden Laptop Case for APPLE MAC BOOK

something for you if u loved the iphone wooden case… this for the macbook and macbook pro… well its very nice, its gonna be quite heavy tho….and…220.00 EUROS….enjoy ! get it here

Pharrell Williams @ HEADQUARTER MEXICO !

my buddy RICARDO ‘s mexico store “HEADQUARTER” is very busy recently, besides he is becoming the only store that carry BBC / ICE CREAM in Mexico , he also get this crazy famed Pharrell Williams in his store! For sure the peeps are lining up to see SUPER STAR PH! he is too awesome and … Continue reading

Polkadots Jordan !

i saw this on the web yesterday…..SO HOT….they came in white with black dots (LO) and and black with white dots (high) ! Anyone know when is this coming out ?