Hong Kong

just showing little this and that when im in Hong Kong…..my daily wear…. (by the way, thas series 2 of City of Loves Series, the first series with Tokyo/Vancouver/Paris was so popular around the globe,,,we are putting out another 3 locations….guess what it is ?) i bought the footscape coz it was on sale…..its great … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS x Shadowgraph Premium Backpack 2010

so as we had disclosed awhile ago….we had a backpack project with the Taiwanese Techwear brand “SHADOWGRAPH”… this time we have 2 coloways, one is designed by Shadowgraph, all black on black tone, and for us, we have this Grey / Purple colorways…with 3M effect….its gonna be SHINE! black colorways have white logos….and some darker … Continue reading


im sure many of you guys have seen this t-shirts since may/june…and here we go, we finally launching it….“LOVE SHOPPING AT SUPERBORED” feat. by Jessica C. its frustrated? look at Jessica C. she loves it ! hahahahahhahahaa it comes in black and we got girls (XXS, XS , S) & guys sizes (S, M, L, … Continue reading


we are launching this cardigan @ SUPERBORED this week, (sorry because the quantities are very limited, so we will not have this online in both webstore) but the tee will be available, those who called “JESSICA” , now its time you to shine and being “SUPERBORED” Shout to the world ! HA ! the tee … Continue reading


check out the newest issue of “HIM” magazine from HONG KONG, its featuring JESSICA C. and her newest photo album “JUST JESSICA C.” lots of nice photos from her newest album… im very surprise one of the photo wearing “WRKS” caps !! some message actually from JESSICA C. : I feel i need to make … Continue reading


welcome to summer in Hong Kong. apparently, how does BLACK RAIN feel ? well it feels like we are in the “SHOWER” where we were outside walking down the street, and everyone is running around and imagine there is no way to turn it off …. actually, my SHOWER is not as powerful as “black … Continue reading

唐山大地震 : Aftershock

v I have been expecting this movie since i have seen the trailer last year…and i finally watched it tonight (with Jetlagged ) i have never seen a movie in a cinema that i can hear almost everyone crying…not just “crying out” but actually the grief and the tear has came out from everyone , … Continue reading

Whats Up Hong Kong

whatsup HongKong here i come again….its HOT, WET….and….. nice iphone case….i want the IPHONE4 !!!! popsicle in any 7-11 hahahaha (this has jelly stuffing inside…..kinda weird…)

Thomas Haas

Thomas Haas, a store made fresh macarone in Vancouver…. fresh…. our friend Kirstyn bought us this surprise….. thanks Kirstyn… i heard its on 4th ave, and near kitslano…google it ! THOMAS HAAS

Taipei Good morning 06:30 am

early flights…Taipei ! why i love u so much?