Wc’Donald Mesh Cap

a new series of Wc’donald Cap will be available in a few days on the cap, we used new mesh cap in better quality and better height, and diff material…with gold/white stitches  on it… ..stay tuned..

new silkscreen prints

its been quite a while did not launched any silkscreen print in editions… 3 new silkscreen  print will be released in our site and selected galleries worldwide… this is one of them, series is called ” “As Good as it tastes” its about the display and visual digestion we have in our lifes… like food … Continue reading

spring with bob, mario & cute!

a special interview from Yahoo Taiwan this week on the spring streetwear fashion… turns out Bape w/ Mario, spongebob and more, looks like WRKS sharing similar thoughts with Bape…lol click here to read more.

Pocky Dessert

another thing she bought back to me, yet, the very yummy Pocky Dessert, looks so fancy, i love fancy stuff…do you?

Polka dots Head Porter

my sister went to Japan and bring me this back….lovely, i love polka dots the best…esp on the Head Porter’s totally black labels..

Fake WRKS tee

watch out for the fake shit, its poor quality and fake typeface and fake logos, and it started selling somewhere in Taiwan. so becareful where you get your WRKS stuff…

Walk Nana

it does look like that i was in Tokyo, isn’t it? its actually very VANCOUVER…

Ellen Page did not win

YES YES, i know, i know what it was, i never thought she would WON the oscar and i know all this news and rumours are just blooming the game, but hey, i still hope she would have won! right? ELLEN ROCKS

Winning eleven 2008 + NBA Live 08

bought the PS3 few weeks ago and have been playing NBA Live 08 since then, today pick up another sport game, the winning eleven 2008…. most of the time im into this kind of games and also the coming up GTA…


saw this thing in a toy store today and i picked it up… his name is BOO from Mario…you guys familiar? when you look at him , he will freeze and if you turn away, he will follow you…lol