Khalil Fong 方大同 ‘s newest concert album ” TIMELESS” has came out and i bought it and played it immediately in my driveeeee…. It takes courage to call it “TIMELESS” because you really have to proof it that way, and you know what? Khalil totally did it ! ! Advertisements


we seemed to forget this style when people email about us, its online now. (with a better price due to our forgetful = a deal for you)


in the coming year, we got more to show you out of the box.  Stay Tuned (Thanks William / Howard for making this happen)


we got 2 styles just for the VAN-PEEPS…. im showing u just the back for now…Style A with FEVER logo at theback and some mini collabo logos on the side… another is more cute, with peekaboo’s hand finding FEVER logo in the pocket……..Stay tuned for releasing date of this 2 tees.


besides those style we “sneak peek”….here is the style that only FEVER / OUTERSPACE has in Taiwan….(well we might have a few online but not too sure…)


I should do WHITE KRINK on my chocoolate clubman LOL.

FEVER 熱血 x WRONGWROKS feat. Peenkay

stay tuned. btw, featuring our new model : PEENKAY from Vancouver.

阿信 + 侯佩岑 = 7-ELEVEN

Our buddy brother brand “STAYREAL” ‘s Ahshin (阿信) recently team up with 侯佩岑 for the 7-ELEVEN new ad campaign !


Free shipping for 4 days 11/25 – 11/28 purchase ANY of the OS X WRKS TEES (just one or all 3, doesnt matter) and received FREE SHIPPING anywhere worldwide. FAQ : 1. i buy 1 t-shirt and i live in Brazil, is it free shipping ? ans : YES. 2. i buy 10 items including … Continue reading

WRONGWROKS x FEVER 熱血 : 4th anni. project #3

#3 , the WRONGWROKS x FEVER 熱血. folding in the store…we just got them today, still warm from the printing ! with this FEVER logo and face ! the first time ever double labeled shirt WRONGWROKS x FEVER 熱血 SUPERBORED exclusive this series will not be availab in Taiwan, only in WRONGWROKS website and also … Continue reading