look, my dogg nana is very happy today coz i told her something funny and she keep laughing…..HAHHAHAA


for those who keep emailing us about the new prints and art pieces, its on the web now and they are almost all 1/1, one of a kind, only one available pieces, check them out, and also the triangles from the MASTER-MIND series…


as you all know, BKRW – BLACK RAINBOW EXTRAODINAIRE MAGAZINE is one of the most popular fashion/art/culture/lifestyle online magazine these days, but you might not know they have a store in Paris, France. the BLACK RAINBOW store…. crazy interior design, with fridge as clothing “rack”… from Sept 2007,  BKRW, the BLACK RAINBOW store will become … Continue reading


got to know a new friend these days….she told me that when she got bored at work, she will subconsciously drawing disney characters, just keep drawing mickey and donald…., no reason and no motivations….here is it… much this thing has invade our mind now? anyways…thanks t-wins for the drawings….!


skype with KO today for this up and coming projects at … HKU SPACE , what happen when WRONGWROKS ‘ s “MISTAKE” philosophy invading the art student in Hong Kong? Should be a fun one….stay tuned.


one of the most exciting thing so far in 2008. check out the video here.

summer is leaving…

.. although Vancouver has been selected the best place to live on earth this year… we have to admit that our summer is shorter than usual… trying very hard to have barbeque but everytime it rains…. today we finally got a cloudy, yet a clear evening to have this once a year activity….

Fall Preview

so these days busy about the up and coming fall collection, some crazy t-shirt will be is some peek… the master-mind exhibition series… finally yes…in full color printing… a new logo-cosplay series.. something secret for the 2nd anniversary of WRONGWROKS in OCT…. as usual, check back our website and this blog often…as these ones … Continue reading


while everyone wondered where is mr. Pharrell William goes…he is back with this Give It Up by Twista…yup, YO YO~ WANNA GIVE IT UP

Choco is Late

some new sample arrived today, a new series “CHOCO-LATE” mesh caps arrived today… more info later on…