when i first saw this on the Supreme Catalogue or SECRET BASE…i know im going to get this. all red, well it comes with red, black and blue like regular Supreme color… but i mean when this 2 fav. label came across each other with this beautiful leather wallet… i really don’t know how to … Continue reading


NCORE, a new name you need to know, well, esp if you are in Singapore or Malaysia…. its been different stores switching around in SINGAPORE and we finally find a nice home for WRKS lover in the NCORE, carrying FULL line of our apparel, caps, bags, jackets, zipups, anything they will carrying it FULLY, is … Continue reading


(星島)11月27日 星期四 13:35 一名29歲警員涉嫌在旺角 警署,強姦一名報案的19歲少女,被控一項強姦罪,案件押後至下月2日再提堂,被告還押警方看管。 被告今早由警車押送到九龍城裁判法院 提堂,他被控於本月24至25日,在旺角警署強姦一名19歲少女,法官以X小姐代替。由於警方要進一步調查,被告毋須答辯,案件押後至下月2日再提堂。 案情透露,被告現職旺角刑事調查隊探員,而X小姐於本月初報稱遺失銀包,曾在旺角警署落口供。被告在警方電腦系統找到報案人X小姐的個人資料,約她 於本星期一再到旺角警署落口供。當晚11時許,X小姐由男朋友陪同到旺角警署,被告指示X小姐的男朋友先行離去,再帶X小姐到一樓的認人房,將她強姦。 X小姐在凌晨1時許離去,再在1小時後,在天水圍 警署報案。期間被告不斷聯絡事主,並且指願意付給她10萬元,希望她撤銷投訴。 控方指,被告被捕後,承認與X小姐發生過性行為,但認為事主沒有表示任何不願意。他又指,知道事主報案後想自殺。 控方表示,他們在被告的手提電話紀錄中,發現他最少聯絡過幾名女報案人,稍後會進行認人手續。由於案性嚴重,及被告又有自殺傾向,被告還押警方看管,等候再提堂。 Can you believe this shit? Police rapping a girl in the police station during office hour in the fucking police station ? i went and google about “Police” Police officers are generally responsible for apprehending criminals, prevention and detection of crime and … Continue reading


more than what you can see in here. next week !

Cut & Sew WRONGWROKS shirt

finally, we have made this happen ! Im glad to announce that WRONGWROKS finally have our own cut and sew shirt, with our own label and cutting, better material,better quality, no more long and baggy ! hope you guys like it, we will also having a lady’s cut for all the shirt from now on… … Continue reading


monday is always a day of hectic….you know…when everyone back to work…its always good to have a nice breakfast to start the day ! Thanks Boo for making this for me !

Yasumasa Yonehara x Sora Aoi x W-BEDO

When YONE meets SORA AOI ? W-BEDO, a project hosted by my buddy in Taiwan, STAN, the owner of SOL, SENSE ORGAN & Deem Taipei, will launch this project on the 29th of this month…at LUXY… if you are in Taipei, don’t miss to chance to meet YONE or SORA ! Also they are launching … Continue reading


NIKE recently has some really nice kicks…. like this one with Michael Lau….. comes with a box set and a very nice quilted pattern …. (photos from HYPEBEAST) the ankle has those undefeated mark representing 25 years of the AF1… and the one collaborated with KRINK, with the silver and grey dripping ink along the … Continue reading

New Tees at 11/23

so its time to released some new tees again, well we are very cold in Vancouver already but considering, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China…. still “hot”… anyways, we have this Charlie-W tee in white … feat. by our Taiwanese Model Du Du, shooted in Taipei with our logo at the back… we have ZOE … Continue reading

Mistake Love Lawrence ONE OFF print

we will release 2 new ONE OFF prints on the 1/1 section, here is one of them, from the “LOVE LAURENCE” edition (for sell in NOISEKING) very nice mistakes we have made… signed & titled the ballon is stencil art… Enjoy !