Feel Good to “ORBIS”

one of my good friend RAE is hosting a group show in Taiwan on 8.11, 2007 (Saturday), yeah like in 2 weeks…its call FEEL GOOD, (this is their 3rd time!) im part of it and i did 2 pieces for this show, so if u are in taiwan, get involved and all donated to ORBIS… … Continue reading

new tees

besides the coolest collab… we have some WRONGWROKS logo tee & Dora-Wolf cap coming in… will also launching this week…like couple days after the slamxhype…its just too hype!


7.30 WRONGWROKS X SLAMXHYPE the day we collaborate with the SLAMXHYPE! the biggest online news website ever, with fashion, art, design, around the world, stay tuned and be quick to come and buy it online at wrongwroks, limited to 80pcs. the design from the legendary Kate Moss series, but its just her head, after smash … Continue reading


Edison is doing so well (despite those freaking paparazi u know) in his clot thing of bloggers around the world…check out what he got for us to read..yeah..honeyee is getting bored isn’t it..feel like everyone is handing in homework now move your ass to this one… in CLOTBLOG, you can read the following artist, (some … Continue reading


Wimbledon?!?! WTH? WRONGWROKS going to wimbledon? Nah…LOL… you know sometimes you will go to like staples or like video store and then you get to see like cheap videos on the sheleves and for AGEES you always looking at the same one and you never really buy it coz its cheap and its old and … Continue reading


WAD magazine is one of the best fashion magazine in europe, it comes out 3 times a year, the newest issue by COLETTE/SOLDOUT art directing, pick up your copy NOW! Our Doradimon set is featured one of the hottest must buy items in this issue among KAWS 4ft companion, Silly Thing T-shirt etc… WORD! Thanks … Continue reading


we are glad to have the only one in canada, the KWIK-E-MART x 7-11 , the whole 7-11 has turned into the KWIK-E-MART (simpsons convenient store kinda thing) its in coquitlam, BC, if you near by.. they are closing in few days.

Kashiwa Sato

wanna introduce a very good book, from famous Japanese designer, KASHIWA SATO, i think he is the best identity/visual designer in Japan, this was his identity design for the pop music band in japan SMAP back to 2000.

Edison VS Paparazzi

Check out Edison’s blog for this new hype tees, he is going to turn his hate into this Edison’s SPECIAL FUCK THE PAPARAZZI tee’, its coming soon, for more, read his blog… i can feel there is something funny hitting the market soon…yeah he is going to use their photos and make a limited edition … Continue reading

M & M

Mihiko is back! and below is the Mouse pad we got it from BANG! magazines!