Dorabob Mobile Strap

for those who have seen or bought the M’s Style Magazine and keep emailing us about the Dorabob Mobile strap, it will be releasing in a week with some other great stuff, stay tuned !


the interview i did earlier with Michael from ION magazine was also on this Vancouver blog called SIX OH FOUR, its a very nice blog for this like to read about art scene or special things happening in Vancouver, check them out, they got realy nice news and info about what is going on in … Continue reading


saw this huge HERO “poster” (what should it be called?) in Hollywood Blvd last night, that was HUGE…


taking a break so just get to update this today…. Neckface‘s show at New Image Art, its over now but you can take a look in here.. Neckface built a Skateboard ramp and filled with drawings and spray paints…. this time he only did about 6 original paintings and its huge ones about 30 x … Continue reading

New Image Art Gallery / Marsea Goldberg

Marsea & her new baby TOSHI! her gallery, the NEW IMAGE OF ART , is one of my hotspot to visit everytime i go to L.A.. Marsea is THE GALLERY LADY, i can’t imagine the art world without Marsea, she bought in lots of talented artist and art work into the scene, not just in … Continue reading

COMME des GARÇONS Guerrilla Store

i found out there is a new guerrilla store in Los Angeles downtown by CdG, so we went and checked it out… it was in the back alley of 2 commerical buildings… here you go, if you are going to L.A you should drop by, they got some pretty updated and unique stuff.. COMME des … Continue reading

American Rag

the best coffee in L.A and breakfast ! (the apple sausage!)


Time to take a short break…from all the business and happenings… California Dreaming~ ~


ordered a Goyard Trunk awhile ago… its huge….the biggest size among the suitcase series… beautifully maded in France….i have been wanting to get a GOYARD TRUNK for a very very long time, and it finally came…

September in Vancouver

you know what happened after summer in Vancouver? Its rain, rain and rain. Im lucky that i can get away !