Don’t Sleep!

the WRKS x BUKA toy + tee set is online now, and the girl mini swarovski jacket also up… don’t forget to pick up the Suprme Ripped Off Hoody…they are all good! and the black W on black swarovksi on american apparel hoody , (silver one online as well!)


stay tuned…

Must Watch

must watch, thanks Angela for the clips..

WRKS @ Sony PS3 – HiTV

so we have this project with the PS3, not making games, just sponsoring this HiTV show for the episodes… with mr. KAY (the guy wearing the SOLDOUT LV tee) and this group of “kawaii” girls… hm…golf players.. ………… the group call BABYBOBO , thanks photos by 11:11

WRKS @ HKU SPACE project online

  Really thanks KO @ KAN&LAU making this happen, this WRKS @ HKU SPACE project has ended and this project has bought some nice memories to the students about WRKS… and we have got some very nice comments and ideas from this group of students, thanks for everyone’s effort, we might really making something out … Continue reading


finally received this new toy from BxH & Disney’s collaboration, its one of the good ones from BXH… its actually bigger than what i imagined…. and its very nicely made! finally this movie by PANG HO-CHEUNG, the EXODUS has came out in DVD today, i picked up and watched it right away, PANG is one … Continue reading

Micky Duck

A time to change the tradition. the Micky Duck is coming out on thurs, 11.29 …


im very glad to announced that im invited to join the BKRW family from now on! i will be writing my 3rd blog in this universe… LOL… for this FRANCE based online magazine and the retailer store BLACK RAINBOW check out my blog on BKRW! 

POW-ka dots zip

the POW-ka (the sound when the dots blow up…like explode) dots zip up in few days.. hand printed, dots explode differently, exclusive on WRKS webstore only.

Chloe for I-Phone

time to get a Chloe for myself Exclusive only at COLETTE again