When Brookyln duo Faile held a pop-up show on the Lower East Side in New York last September, many expected it to be the first and last exhibition of their original prints for awhile. The spectators were wrong, however, as Post No Bills – a Venice, Los Angeles-based space, have not only secured the show, but they’ve … Continue reading

new tees release

new tees next week, we haven’t release “new tees” for long time…not talking about HUG ME (re-release) or DF x peekaboo collabo…but a new visual, new “wrong” ideas…..can u get this one ?

糖妹 x 7ELEVEN x Doraemon

          ok i already asked her to get me this ! SO CUTE !  

田北辰 – 窮富翁大作戰

田北辰,人稱田二少,父親是香港「一代褲王」田元灝。田北辰在哈佛大學畢業後,創立自己的服裝王國,至今坐擁全球七百多間服裝店,在商界可說是無人不識。經歷金融海嘯、沙­士危機,令田北辰對自由市場有一份信念:「我是信奉自由市場,的確是淘汰好多弱者,但只要有鬥志,弱者都可以變成強者。」 信奉自由市場的田北辰,在節目內,會打一份時薪只有廿五元的掃街清潔工,每日做足九小時厭惡性工作,僅有五十元生活費糊口,想食餐飽飯都「猛猛緊」;夜晚入住只有十五呎,­呎租仲貴過豪宅,但就連腳都伸唔直的「豪華籠屋」。 經過這次體驗,田北辰對自由市場下的工資水平及房屋價格,會有何反思? worth watching it, comes in 2 part.   i have to remember this : ” 如果你而家覺得生活得幾好…. 你明天就比人淘汰”  (if you think your life is quite good at this moment…you gonna be obsoleted tomorrow.) – keep in mind guys.


Pink Girls by 糖妹 KANDY @ SUGAR CLUB ! now in stock ! because im the designer / photographer ! get yours now, its all signed, and when you buy a cd, you get a free book. how’s that sound ? this package contains 1 song, its a single for the song PINK GIRLS. (signed) yes … Continue reading

XLARGE exclusively at SUPERBORED

Superbored is carrying the lastest, newest XLARGE full collection in store starting in JULY 2011! SUPERBORED launching XLARGE in July, Same release date worldwide! X-Large is a clothing store/line founded in LOS ANGELES in 1991.It is very popular in HONG KONG & JAPAN, & it is most famous for its Ape Logo. According to I.T.’s official website, which … Continue reading


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for ANY ORDER OVER $100.00 (thas EASY !) to celebrate the CANADAPOST STRIKE IS OVER ! LETS DO IT ! or Any Order over $100.00 (worldwide shipping ! WE NEVER DO THIS !) will be free shipping ! shipping fee will be refunded fully in 48 hours ! and if … Continue reading

WRK5 premium chino pants available now.

WRKS! Premium quality CHINO pant! This is the FIRST WRONGWROKS aka WRKS chino pant! It comes in two colorways, Khaki with Polka dot & Black with stripe! @ SUPERBORED now! Our model is 180 cm tall, he is wearing a LARGE. This is available now on  WRONGWROKS webstore, Superbored online store and SUPERBORED store @ Richmond!

流料!! ….@_@ 糖妹kandy still Superbored / WRONGWROKS spoke person!

流料!! ….@_@ 糖妹kandy still Superbored / WRONGWROKS spoke person! this is not true FACE MAGAZINE !!

Canada Post forced back to work! YEAH !

I’m GLAD its over ! GO BACK TO WORK ! OTTAWA – Mail service will resume early this week after a 58-hour Opposition filibuster ended Saturday night when MPs passed a contentious bill to end a national postal disruption. The bill still needs to be rubber-stamped by the Senate and given Royal Assent – a process that … Continue reading