Nano Universe Headquarter Store 1-19-14 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0041 Japan its a huge store with 4 floors….carry more American style clothing and lifestyle goods… meeting 2 heads from Nano, Kyoko Maru (International Dept), Takaomi (Men’s Buyer) discuss about our blanks , they are talking about their tees….we exchanging our ideas and thoughts.. launching at the … Continue reading

Colors in Tokyo

besides the bad, time to show some goods, colors, foods, DESSERTS…. these are all REAL, not toys, or fake display, u know japanese are good at making the real one looks fake and the fake one looks good, (food-wise) hmmmm….soooooo good.. well, going in and taking whole bunch photos for the blog and not buying … Continue reading

Bad Econ part 2

after 10, in Shibuya’s subway station…(we were trying to pick up our shopping bags in the lockers…lol) there is more but i don’t wanna wake them up.

what else in Tokyo

been to Medicom show, finally….well i always miss the show coz i usually go to Japan first week of july and this damn exhibition always happen the last week of June….and this time finally get a chance to check out… its boring. UNIQLO UT Store…. =_=…


besides food, what else is happening in Tokyo ? the BLACK project by CdG… just like all the other Cdg store…(well to be very frank, i have been all (almost) the Cdg store in the world and only the one in Hong Kong is not, its just like regular store with white color….not a MAZE, … Continue reading


i almost forgot iphoto has this fuction… using iphone 3Gs to shoot photo and it will be able to track down where is it… in the map… and which building ! OMG !

Too much request : MJ NOT DEAD

Style 1 : MJ IS NOT DEAD style 2 : MJ50 i got off plane yesterday and i went to a meeting in my print shop for the fall collection preparation…and suddenly, we heard a voice from the radio, “MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD….” we are all stunned and we decided to do something, he is … Continue reading


i can’t say im a BIG fan coz im not really following him all these years, but the first and also the last casette  is BAD back to 1988, i was a kid and i though his music was so cool ! all these years I didn’t really follow or liking him but he is … Continue reading

Tokyo 3.0

no, i didn’t do it ! LOL, its a billboard….come on, im going japan and all i upload (see) is food and shopping ? if thas the truth i must be lying, i saw some girls……billboard too… Taxi has become the only transporation when we go around in Tokyo…. nice view from Yoyogi… fresh grapes… … Continue reading

Tokyo Eating 2.0

Tokyo eating 2.0 , nonono…no more “inside”…. great food and great dinner…at great places… ice-cofffeee….my fav. at Tokyo… wait, don’t judge yet…..its not from ONE meal, its from few meals but this is me which from one of the greatest dinner we have in Tokyo !