some peeps asked if we can post a photo of the last supper tee with someone wearing it, so they have a better look on how the shirt looks like on a real human being…here you go…and let us introduce our new WRONGWROKS model, Edi. She will be taking care of you guys from now … Continue reading

Jesus & Judaz tee collection 2007

This design originally from 2003, when i was still in the art school, one day i came up this idea, imagining what if just jesus and judaz on the dinner table? (since lots of artist or brands play with the last supper image… become mickey mouse, disney chracters…the 7 dwarfs, you named tons of them … Continue reading


Thanks to Billie @ YEN-MAGAZINE (Australia) , YEN magazine launched over three years ago in Australia as a reaction to women’s magazines that lacked both substance and style. Catch the newest issue and you will able to catch this like 18 x 24 inches big S/E poster (comes w/ the magazine) …this series originally did … Continue reading

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami

Another video by Takashi, just wanna share… have fun!


another sneak preview of whas coming in the summer…. stay tuned!


im sure we will have a very exciting summer coming up…


sorry for the wait guys! its finally up! also we bring you some extra stuff! like the ONE OFF Jesus & Judaz, S/E Limited canvas for NOISEKING, PETER DENIES limited colorful t-shirt ! get them now!

Don’t Betray

so this week on the 15th, we will have this series release….its from 2006, and just about 5-7 prints altogether, from the series of JESUS and JUDAZ, but these are the special ones that i made just for fun, but since LOTS of emails coming through from UK, and they love to get these special … Continue reading


The New York Times recently ran a piece with Takashi Murakami, what some onlookers describe as the Warhol of Japan. “Popularly known as the Warhol of Japan, Mr. Murakami, 45, merges fine art with popular Japanese anime films and manga cartoons. He has invented characters including DOB and Mr. Pointy, which he has used as … Continue reading

Doradimon – reborn

well my friends in Hong Kong sent me this photos from ROADSHOW (a tv station that played different episode of interviews or music videos on Hong Kong’s Transportation), here its Chet Lam (Hong Kong famous folk song singer) wearing the yellow doradimon tee again, (after he has wore that in FAMA’s music video, check itout … Continue reading