sorry guys and girls….yes the wait is over….our official china TAOBAO  淘宝 (like ebay kinda thing) STORE is opened ! Click here !  http://wrongwroks.taobao.com/ go and take a look….well price is not too friendly but u know thas what happen after the import tax and this and that…..but at least you can get them if you … Continue reading

WRKS 1st China Store @ Beijing Sanlitun 北京三里屯

after 16 months of preparation, planning, welcome to our first WRONGWROKS original store (co-store with STUSSY beijing) in China. with almost everything we have in Vancouver’s SUPERBORED, our Sanlitun store will have the most updated products for the fans in China. exclusive items will also be available at the new store! all caps, collabs project … Continue reading


The next station is …. “Beijing”.

Zevs Graffiti in Hong Kong

Im not sure if you have heard about this, its not NEWS , its kinda old but i want to blog about this so my peeps actually read about this as well…. Zevs, a famed graffiti artist, famous for doing cooperate logo dripping…Mcdonald, Chanel, Louis Vuitton…and he was in hong kong and doing a huge … Continue reading

Earthquake at China


(READ BIG VERSION HERE) YOHO! is a magazine from Shanghai, China. A street, fashion, art magazine comes out every month, with over 600,000 readers every month, YOHO! is one of the top circulated “Fashion-Trendy” magazine around the mainland. WRONGWROKS full interviewed by Ad-Funture’Toy Group ‘s CEO Eddi check it out full chinese version in here. … Continue reading

China Olympic

today just watch TV and resting…(coz the traffic is kinda stuck) but… its worth celebrate!